Vision / Mission


To be a bonafide producer of solar and wind energy.
To be one of the pioneers that produces the most efficient and latest technology in the field of renewable energy in the country.
To manufacture the most efficacious solar and wind energy machineries geared to transforming the Philippines expensive energy cost

About Us

EQUATOR ENERGY CORPORATION was conceptualized in 1996, when the  founder, a Veteran Mechanical Engineer was introduced and inspired by the numerous benefits of Renewable Energy.  In 2001, he designed, constructed and operated Equator Oil Station, his very first venture in the energy sector.

Message from the President

“Let the great irradiance from the sun, the strong wind from our great oceans, majestic mountains and sprawling hills run our machines, bringing forth earth friendly gifts for mankind to enjoy in abundance, sparing Mother Earth from wastage pollutants, crowning her with continuous solar irradiance, thus sparing mankind from disaster and nature’s wrath.”

Our Partners