The long wait is finally over! Equator Energy Corporation finally gets its order to build its first ever Solar Farm at Castilla, Sorsogon. The 30-megawatt solar farm aims to provide sufficient electricity to Province of Sorsogon.
   Sorsogon, known as the ‘Land of Kasanggayahan’ or ‘A Life of Prosperity’, from its boasts beaches with vast of white sand and area for surfing, to its lakes and mountains. In fact, Sorsogon has a great impact on commercial center and port for inter-island vessels.
     Equator Energy Corporation will now bring its mission to Sorsogon by developing and delivering effective and clean energy for the betterment of Sorsoganons, while working closely with Municipality of Sorsogon and Local Government of Castilla. 
     Equator Energy Corporation will now provide a sustainable and sufficient electricity, and will create job opportunities for Sorsoganons, through the help of Castillas solar farm, EEC believes that these measures will bring a lot of innovative to Sorsogon.
     After seven (7) years of waiting, we will be finally building the foundation of Sorsogon’s sufficient power supply.

Let's work together

Providing Brighter and Sustainable Future Through Solar Power System and Power Plant.

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